Thursday, 28 June 2012

roast pumpkin & honey salad.

Recently I've started ordering my fruit and vegetables from Home Fresh Organics (here). The quality is amazing and somehow they manage to taste better than those purchased from the supermarket. Originally I started out with a fortnightly box then immediately switched to the weekly version as I delightedly ate my way through my entire first box within the week. You can customise your box each week and they deliver free to your door. Highly recommend! Here's a delicious little something I whipped up using a few of the items from my box last week, using the recipe I found (here).


  1. Looks amazing! I'm a sucker for "innovative" salads lol. Everything a little strange (think watermelon with feta and green salad haha), I'll try :P
    The concept of having veggies delivered to your door seems awesome! Not something that will ever happen where I live though... But I can call my gran and ask her to deliver me some delicious salad and tomatoes and they always taste amazing too :D


  2. These look yummy!

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