Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ciao winter.

I miss you already!

While winter has officially left us, I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to put these beauties away. I remember when I first saw these shoes in the Peter Alexander catalogue, I almost died!! Present bow slippers? I'm taken! Walking around in these slippers makes me ridiculously happy, it's like a little bundle of joy attached to each of my feet. Peter Alexander is my absolute fav when it comes to pyjama goodies and I can't stop buying his slipper creations. They're just so darn cute!! 

Peter Alexander slippers
Note: While this style is no longer in stock, I recently purchased these for a friends birthday and I think they're ridiculously cute! :)


  1. the slippers are amazinnnnnng! And are so adorable.

  2. i must comment regarding your top three posts:
    1. these slippers are too. friggin. cute.
    2. love the half-tints! i got the chanels on ebay awhile ago before they got insanely popular. they're my favorite pair of sunnies... even if people look at me very strangely.
    and 3. i want those miu mius too.