Monday, 8 August 2011


I absolutely adore having gel nails. Nail colour lasts for weeks and for my busy schedule, it's a much neater look that doesn't require me to fix chipped polish on a daily basis. Last time I went to the nail bar, I opted for this pink + glitter combination. While I couldn't tell you the colour, (as I simply picked the most opaque pastel pink I could find at the nail bar) I can tell you that the adorable flecks of glitter are a polish by OPI that I'm absolutely in love with and will most certainly be purchasing for myself. 

The lady doing my nails was equally taken by the striking combination and had all the beauticians coming over to check them out. I've had constant compliments and enquiries about them all month and when I went yesterday to get my nails touched up, my nail technician said the woman who was getting her nails done beside me last time had come back a few days later asking for exactly the combination I'd chosen for my nails as a pedicure. Quite flattering really. :)


  1. the ring is awesome ...I followed your blog,if you want to ,i would be glad if you follow back..kiss

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    love it

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  3. Isn't it awesome how the ring is the same shape as the nails?

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

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